Library of Choleramusic 1997-2009

Collaborations, remixes, etc

This is a collection of the recovered collaborations, remixes and reinterpretations from between 1999-2008.
Kunlarim Sensiz – Sevara Nazarkhan
Breathe In – Imogen Heap(Frou Frou)
I Wouldn\'t Fear – Lou Armer
In The Dark – Shelley Harland
Dreamgirl – Miho Hatori(The Baldwin Brothers)
Mindstalking – Kyoko Baertsoen
Come On Down – De La Soul
Lily White Limerick – O2 Smooth w/ Fatluva
Amy\'s Fire – Amy Frishkey(Fire and Ice reinterpretation)
Party In The Morgue – Thee Undatakerz
Waiting – Sheila Chandra
Everything You\'ve Got – Lou Armer
3VER 4FTER – Amy Frishkey

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